After selling 1000’s of homes and earned millions, why was I disappointed? I bled and worked so hard to achieve my goals and here I am bored and unfulfilled.

I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to accomplish next. A bigger home? More cars? How much golf can I play during the week?

After years of being lost, I finally figured it out that my purpose in life had to be beyond self accumulation of personal “shit.” I’ve decided (October 2016 while sitting at the park in Dallas at midnight) to honor my mother and honor women. She sacrificed everything for me so that I can have a better life. So my journey begins and the next chapter of my life.

To my dearest mother, I miss you.

I miss you. I miss your hugs. I miss hearing your voice. I miss you telling me how much you love me…

Why not tell them what they want?

Through the years, I have experienced “Sellers” who have turned to other agent(s) as a result of the straight forward, unfiltered data I provide.

Happy Holidays To All

Fourth of July Trip

This fourth of July my wife Nancy and I decided to get away from the hectic noise overload of Los Angeles, to a much more frenzy-filled San Francisco!

Over-Used Yet Misunderstood: Integrity

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For the Love of Food: A Sensational Dance of the Heart and Taste Buds

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Eternally Grateful

I truly believe that the energy you give off into the universe is what you attract back to you. For that, I am grateful to have genuine and wonderful…

Over The Top

I am so humbled and at a loss for words at this gesture from the Thomas family. I am honored and committed to serving their family and protecting…

25 Years of Solitude: A Journey to Reconnect and Heal

I will never forget the moment I learned that my mother had passed away. Every time my phone rings and I see the hospital’s name on my caller ID…

What Constitutes a "Good Life"?

This is a question that creeps into my mind periodically. In that moment, I allow my mind to wander and to contemplate. Is a good life about the…

Creating a Path for Others to Follow

I believe…I will…I believe success is the result of intelligent effort and does not depend upon luck, sharp practice, or double crossing friends or…

We Are Being Featured on the Hallmark Channel, Home & Family Show!

Our property is being featured on the Hallmark Channel on the daily talk show called "Home & Family" on a segment titled, "The Hottest New Trends In…

Open Letter to Porter Ranch

The human condition is an interesting one. There is a universal misunderstanding amongst us. Each individual is perceivably so different; yet, we are…

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What our clients say…

Sunny Yi and his team truly deliver red carpet level service! They are so incredibly good at what they do.

Veena V.

In appreciation for having gone the extra mile. For your unequaled commitment to excellence.

The Thomas Family

I am gratefully indebted to you and hope that I may be able to repay you for your kindness and skill in some meaningful way.

J & A Carsman

Sunny was able to move my house,
all cash offer with a short escrow…
The best realtor, hands down.

Erik Sitker

He was always happy to answer our questions. As someone who is very meticulous, I particularly appreciated his attention to every detail.

Mr. Ross A.

He is relentless in his drive to meet and exceed expectations -- and his word is as good as gold.

Helen H., CEO