Over-Used Yet Misunderstood: Integrity

What’s the number one quality of success? … One word: Integrity.

There are millions today who will laugh at that but the odds are good that neither they nor their children are doing too well.

Integrity is what a man wants in his wife and she in him.

That’s what we look for and hope for in a doctor, dentist, realtor, the person who designs and builds our home, the person we work for, and people who work under us. It’s what we want more than anything else in a politician, judge, and police officer. 

Integrity is honesty. Integrity is a set of mind and character that goes all the way through like good solid construction.

I’ve heard time and time again in my industry, “Everybody does it. Why shouldn’t I?” And that’s exactly why the person of integrity doesn’t do it. They will ask, “What are you trying to be, a boy scout?” What’s wrong with being a boy scout? Why shouldn’t we go straight in a time when such an attitude needs all the recruits it can get?

Integrity in business is the surest way to succeed. Sometimes it might seem that what you’re doing is going to cut into profits, but in the long run it ends by increasing profits.

When we put the well-being of people in first place, we’ll never make a mistake. People first, profit last. And the more you do it, the bigger and better your profits become. It’s the old law of cause and effect.