To my dearest mother, I miss you.

Hi Mom,

How are you? I miss you …. I miss your hugs … I miss hearing your voice … I miss you telling me how much you love me … I miss the strength, guidance, and the steadfast conviction to advise me that I am the most magnificent creature god has ever created when I’m knocked down to my knees.

Few months back while driving home, I subconsciously called you on your cell hoping that you would answer my phone call.

Last week while running through the canyons alone listening to music, I thought of you and I couldn’t stop crying.

Yesterday, while looking for a photo from storage, I found your suitcase with your clothes and sunglasses. I did what I only witnessed in the movies … I wanted to be close to you and smelled your scent and your perfume on your clothes.Today, I’m incredibly grateful for the love, guidance, strength, and the directions you have given me through out my life.

Mom, I’m sorry …. I wish I could have done more. I look back today and regret not calling you more… visiting you more … taken you out to sushi dinner more … spend more time together … telling you I love you more ….

I did the best I could with the knowledge I possessed at that time mom. And, as she promised you at the bedside, Nancy is taking great care of me. I love this woman mom. She’s an amazing woman who loves and cares for me. She has an amazing warmth in her heart and everyday I feel her love. I’m grateful for her. If it wasn’t for her direction and “you need to look at yourself” advice, we wouldn’t of had the relationship we had. I miss you mom ……..

I Love You, Mother!